Sims 4 Harley Quinn Custom Content

  Today I am going to share Harley Quinn’s Sims 4 custom contents from Suicide Squad. I tried my best in choosing I hope you like it!
harley is the.jpg10-14-16_10-06-36-pm

Click for eymakeup and lipstick.

Click for tattoos.

Click for bottom and top. (This is like a set with bottom top and tights. But if you wear tights in set it will look like you are wearing on your shoes. So I thought Sims’s tights are more useful.)

Click for hair.

Click for boots. (This boots makes your sims feet little so I used Sims’s boots. But ofcourse if you want you can download like I did 🙂 )

Click for nails.

Click for PUDDİN necklace.

I hope you like it. This sim is created by me but I found custom contents. I didn’t make them. By Puddin’s!!!! (turning into Harley 😀 )08-29-16_1-37-07 PM.png



Hello Neighbor!

   Hello Neighbor will come in summer 2017! In demo we can see that it will be amazing! So I am gonna talk about theme.


   Our character move to a little house. It’s realy cute area but neighbor is not cute… Our character sees that our neighbor is hiding very bad things in his basement! You need to sneak in his house carefully. Be quick! You should find the keys and special equipments to unlock the basement door. It’s a horror game. Sometimes they update the demo (like Yandere Simulator). You can buy it on steam in future. Also you can download free alpha demo in original website.

neighbor 2.jpg


Click for Steam                                                                                            Click for original website



Yandere Simulator All Rivals

   Yandere Dev put a video about rivals in Yandere Simulator three weeks ago but I thought that I can give you some information. İf you want to watch that video I will give the link. There are 10 rivals you may know some of them in the debug build. Lets start!
1) Osana Najimi:
She is one of the base rival. She is tsundere(who can be sometimes really mean but sometimes realy sweet) and very weak.You can read at the begining of the game İnfo-Chan and Yandere-Chan’s (Ayano) conversation about Osana. Basicly there is a faith that if you confess your love to someone under the Sakura Tree he/she will accept your feelings. Senpai (Taro) believes that too. On friday Osana will try to confess her feelings. Osana can be added to game in games files. I am not sure how can you do but I know you can do with files. You can search and watch some videos about that.
2) Amai Odayaka:
She is in the cooking club. She loves baking for Senpai.
3) Kizana Sunobu:
She looks like Kokona Haruka but she has two roses in her hair. She is in drama club.
4) Oka Ruto:
Oka is one of my favourite character in the game. She is president of the occult club, loner and incapable of self defense. She is intrested in paranormal things. She always stalks Basu sisters to find evidence that they are supernatural.
5) Asu Rito:
She is in sports club and she is active.
6) Muja Kina:
She is the school nurse! When I first learned that the nurse is one of the rivals I thought that ‘He is not handsome enough how can everyone love him?! Even a nurse!!’ She is very clumsy.
7) Mida Rana:
I don’t know what to say… She is a TEACHER!
8) Osoro Shidesu:
Yey! She is a deliquent rival! She is strong and rude.
9) Hanako Yamada:
She is Senpai’s (Taro) little sister. She is so cute and jealous. She loves her big brother so much so she thinks that if he had a girlfriend he will forget Hanako.
10) Megami Saiko:
She is the school president and she wants Senpai (Taro) to be safe.
amai odayaka ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Amai Odayaka
osana najimi ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Osana Najimi
Kizana Sunobu ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Kizana Sunobu
Oka ruto ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Oka Ruto



Asu Rito ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Asu Rito




Muja Kina ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Muja Kina


Mida Rana Yandere simulator ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Mida Rana




Osoro Shidesu: ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Osoro Shidesu
Hanako Yamada


megami saiko ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Megami Saiko










Click for Yandere Dev’s Video


Sims Legend Bella Goth

   Bella Goth in Sims:

   Bella Goth was the most beatiful woman in Sims 1. She was married with Mortimer and dauther named Cassandra. Mortimer was really hardworking so he was very busy. Bella was looking for fun but her husband was workaholic. One night she has visited Don Lothario and she never seen again.

bella goth sims 1 ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Bella Goth in Sims 2:

   İn Sims 2 Goth family was in Pleasantview neighborhood. And Alexander Goth was added.(Bella and Mortimer’s son.) Mortimer has age up and became an elder. Bella’s brother Micheal has death and gave his all money to her wife Dina. Dina spended all the money for fun. Cassandra has grown and became young adult. Cassandra has married with Don Lothario.

bella goth sims 2 ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Bella Goth in Sims 3:

(In Sunset Valley)Bella starts as child with her mom, dad and brother.(her mom and dad was death in Sims 1 and 2.) She goes by her maiden name of Bachelor. Mortimer and Bella are best friends in Sims 3. But in Lunar Lakes you can see her name in one of the graveyard! Sometimes you can see her ghost too!

sims 3 bella goth ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Bella Goth in Sims 4:

   There is a Goth Residence in Lunar Crake. You can see Bella, Mortimer, Alexander and Cassandra Goth! You can see Don Lothario too. There is a gossip about Bella that she can be kidnapped by aliens.

10-16-15_7-37-05 PM.png

Turkish bibliography:                                                                                   

Sims 4 Custom Content 1

mühim ileri.png

Sims 4 Custom Contents

   I will share custom content that I use for The Sims 4. I hope I can do it everyday. 😀 I will create sims with custom contents than I will put the link for which custom content it is.


10-08-16_8-05-57 PM.png

(Lipstick, hair and nails are the same.)


Extra 😀 :

10-08-16_8-19-25 PM.png

Don’t forget Day Of The Dead Challenge! I love this dress though. ❤

Sims Legend Bella Goth:


Life İs Strange


   It’s an AMAZİNG game!!! It’s a story based game. I am just gonna write theme because if I tell my feeling about this game it would be 3 paragraphs and I am too lazy for that!! 😀 JUST KİDDİNG (No I am not.)

  The base character is a girl who goes to boarding high school in Arcadia Bae. Her full name is Maxine Caulfield. She loves taking pictures. Somehow she finds that she has got power that helps her to rewind the time! That is called butterfly effect. She uses her power for the tornado that she sees in her dream. Will she be able to save the Arcadia Bae?

life is strange beybi.jpg

   The game has got 5 episodes:

Episode 1: Chrysalis

Episode 2: Out of Time

Episode 3: Chaos Theory

Episode 4: Dark Room —-> (I think the best episode.)

Episode 5: Polarized —-> (I’m sure you are going to cry.)


This is not a new game so it CAME.

You can buy Life Is Strange in Steam link:

(Steam made a sale!! You can play Episode 1 for free! But just for Episode1.)

Don’t read down if you don’t want spoilers about the game. I am going to write the beginning of the game.

   Max sees a dream about a tornado that comes to Arcadia Bae. She wakes up in Mr.Jefferson’s class. When the bell rings she goes to toilet and sees a boy who have gun. Then the boy kills a girl (which is her childhood friend Chloe Price but she doesn’t know when she first saw.) She says ‘NO!’ than she returns to Mr. Jefferson’s class! She finds that she has got power that can rewind the time.

                                                              Chloe Price

Chloe_Profile.png R.I.P.png

Bonus Rival Video and New Character Profiles

OMG! SUCH AN AMAZİNG RİVALS! btw everyone loves Senpai! 😀 Keep working Yandere Dev you are AMAZİNG!

Yandere Simulator Development Blog

In yesterday’s blog post about the rival video, I briefly mentioned that I asked five different musicians to compose music for the video. You may be wondering why I gave the same task to so many different people! The reason is because there is never a guarantee that a volunteer will be able to finish a task that they have been given. Sometimes they have to stop contributing to the project because an important job came up, or because they need to study for exams, or because of family issues / health issues, or because they simply lost interest in the project. All of these things are perfectly understandable! Volunteers are generously helping me out of the kindness of their hearts, and have no obligation to do anything I ask them to do. As a result, I often give the same task to multiple people, to increase the chances that…

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Yandere Simulator

info-and-ayano   First of all the game isn’t out and you will not play the original game for a long time. But the creator of this game thought us and he made us something to play! That is called debug build. Thanks for Yandere Dev and all the helpers! Yandere Dev is developing the debug built and sharing it on the official site of the Yandere Simulator. You can also watch updates or everything about Yandere Simulator in Yandere Dev’s YouTube account.

   So the game is about a girl that doesn’t feel anything. But when she see that boy she feel the colours, life, emotions! Her real name is Ayano Aishi (but everyone calls here Yandere or Yan-Chan: Yandere means mean, bad like a killer person) The boy she likes name is Taro Yamada (everyone calls him Senpai: Senpai means that you’re in love with him/her it can be platonic. But Ayano is not the one who loves Taro. Doesn’t matter for her, she can hurt or kill everyone for him. So she must eliminate her rivals before friday! Ah I forgot to say she has a helper who can give student info’s or secrets. She called İnfo-Chan. We don’t know why is she helping to Ayana but we will see!!!yandere.png

   There will be 10 rivals to eliminate but it can change too. There are a lot of way to eliminate rivals! You cannot win the game in debug built. Thanks for everyone that helped for this game.(A big thank for Yandere Dev).


(I mean in a very long time 😀 )

Link of the Yandere Dev’s Youtube account:

Link of the games official site:

Minecraft 1.11

  Are you ready for minecraft 1.11? There are a lot of updates!  It is not out yet. But it can be any time. We don’t know the date we just know that it will out in a short time. So lets talk about the new BIG updates. Are you ready?

   Llamas will be added! We will be able to drive them with a carpet! How nice it is!


   İf you have Totem Of Undying you are lucky! When you know that you are gonna die you can use the power of the totem just for one time. But it should be in one of your hand.


   New dangon!!! İt is a cool building. Mansion Dungen! You can kill the mobs then have fun in the big mansion with your friends. But first you need to kill the boss which is very hard to kill and have some magical powers, angels.magic.jpg

   So there will be a lot of things I won’t describe them I  will just write their names you can watch more detailed videos about them. İf you are asking how can they play if it isn’t out? Let me give the answer, they are playing on the snapshot 16w39c. (I will give the link)

More things:


Portals to Escape End İslands

Shulker Shell

Skulker Box


Treasure Maps

/locate Command


Magmamusen’s Llama video:


Five Nights At Freddy’s Sister Location

  Finally FNAF Sister Location will come out this friday!! I am so excited to see how it is gonna be! So let me talk about the game.

   They didn’t say too much theme to make us more excited. But I am thinking that it is going to be more scary. I will put link of the trailer. But we now that we are going to work in Circus Baby’s Pizza World for night shift working as technician. There is just one trailer so we are not really sure about theme. As always you can download (buy) in Steam. We will see. Thanks for everyone that helped to crate this game. 😀1410222-1463434603756-fnaf_sister2

Link of the trailer: (you can also watch it on steam :D)

Link of the Steam:


7th October 2016