Sims 4 Harley Quinn Custom Content

  Today I am going to share Harley Quinn’s Sims 4 custom contents from Suicide Squad. I tried my best in choosing I hope you like it!
harley is the.jpg10-14-16_10-06-36-pm

Click for eymakeup and lipstick.

Click for tattoos.

Click for bottom and top. (This is like a set with bottom top and tights. But if you wear tights in set it will look like you are wearing on your shoes. So I thought Sims’s tights are more useful.)

Click for hair.

Click for boots. (This boots makes your sims feet little so I used Sims’s boots. But ofcourse if you want you can download like I did 🙂 )

Click for nails.

Click for PUDDİN necklace.

I hope you like it. This sim is created by me but I found custom contents. I didn’t make them. By Puddin’s!!!! (turning into Harley 😀 )08-29-16_1-37-07 PM.png



Hello Neighbor!

   Hello Neighbor will come in summer 2017! In demo we can see that it will be amazing! So I am gonna talk about theme.


   Our character move to a little house. It’s realy cute area but neighbor is not cute… Our character sees that our neighbor is hiding very bad things in his basement! You need to sneak in his house carefully. Be quick! You should find the keys and special equipments to unlock the basement door. It’s a horror game. Sometimes they update the demo (like Yandere Simulator). You can buy it on steam in future. Also you can download free alpha demo in original website.

neighbor 2.jpg


Click for Steam                                                                                            Click for original website