Life İs Strange


   It’s an AMAZİNG game!!! It’s a story based game. I am just gonna write theme because if I tell my feeling about this game it would be 3 paragraphs and I am too lazy for that!! 😀 JUST KİDDİNG (No I am not.)

  The base character is a girl who goes to boarding high school in Arcadia Bae. Her full name is Maxine Caulfield. She loves taking pictures. Somehow she finds that she has got power that helps her to rewind the time! That is called butterfly effect. She uses her power for the tornado that she sees in her dream. Will she be able to save the Arcadia Bae?

life is strange beybi.jpg

   The game has got 5 episodes:

Episode 1: Chrysalis

Episode 2: Out of Time

Episode 3: Chaos Theory

Episode 4: Dark Room —-> (I think the best episode.)

Episode 5: Polarized —-> (I’m sure you are going to cry.)


This is not a new game so it CAME.

You can buy Life Is Strange in Steam link:

(Steam made a sale!! You can play Episode 1 for free! But just for Episode1.)

Don’t read down if you don’t want spoilers about the game. I am going to write the beginning of the game.

   Max sees a dream about a tornado that comes to Arcadia Bae. She wakes up in Mr.Jefferson’s class. When the bell rings she goes to toilet and sees a boy who have gun. Then the boy kills a girl (which is her childhood friend Chloe Price but she doesn’t know when she first saw.) She says ‘NO!’ than she returns to Mr. Jefferson’s class! She finds that she has got power that can rewind the time.

                                                              Chloe Price

Chloe_Profile.png R.I.P.png


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