Yandere Simulator

info-and-ayano   First of all the game isn’t out and you will not play the original game for a long time. But the creator of this game thought us and he made us something to play! That is called debug build. Thanks for Yandere Dev and all the helpers! Yandere Dev is developing the debug built and sharing it on the official site of the Yandere Simulator. You can also watch updates or everything about Yandere Simulator in Yandere Dev’s YouTube account.

   So the game is about a girl that doesn’t feel anything. But when she see that boy she feel the colours, life, emotions! Her real name is Ayano Aishi (but everyone calls here Yandere or Yan-Chan: Yandere means mean, bad like a killer person) The boy she likes name is Taro Yamada (everyone calls him Senpai: Senpai means that you’re in love with him/her it can be platonic. But Ayano is not the one who loves Taro. Doesn’t matter for her, she can hurt or kill everyone for him. So she must eliminate her rivals before friday! Ah I forgot to say she has a helper who can give student info’s or secrets. She called İnfo-Chan. We don’t know why is she helping to Ayana but we will see!!!yandere.png

   There will be 10 rivals to eliminate but it can change too. There are a lot of way to eliminate rivals! You cannot win the game in debug built. Thanks for everyone that helped for this game.(A big thank for Yandere Dev).


(I mean in a very long time 😀 )

Link of the Yandere Dev’s Youtube account:


Link of the games official site:


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