Minecraft 1.11

  Are you ready for minecraft 1.11? There are a lot of updates!  It is not out yet. But it can be any time. We don’t know the date we just know that it will out in a short time. So lets talk about the new BIG updates. Are you ready?

   Llamas will be added! We will be able to drive them with a carpet! How nice it is!


   İf you have Totem Of Undying you are lucky! When you know that you are gonna die you can use the power of the totem just for one time. But it should be in one of your hand.


   New dangon!!! İt is a cool building. Mansion Dungen! You can kill the mobs then have fun in the big mansion with your friends. But first you need to kill the boss which is very hard to kill and have some magical powers, angels.magic.jpg

   So there will be a lot of things I won’t describe them I  will just write their names you can watch more detailed videos about them. İf you are asking how can they play if it isn’t out? Let me give the answer, they are playing on the snapshot 16w39c. (I will give the link)

More things:


Portals to Escape End İslands

Shulker Shell

Skulker Box


Treasure Maps

/locate Command


Magmamusen’s Llama video:



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